The sound you hear is the sound of the Swisswarbler.

Nisgav - Producer & Supplier of the Original Swisswarblers (Nachtigall Floten).

We offer now a Starter Pack, for starters who want to try selling warblers.
Please choose the Starter Pack of 100 warblers
if you want samples to start working with !

For direct purchase through PayPal please choose below.
The prices through PayPal are included shipping.

Starter Pack:100 SwisWarblers
€65 + €15 Worldwide Registered Post
Little Pack:1000 SwisWarblers
€600 + €25 Worldwide Registered Post

1) Starter-Pack €0.65, $0.95 a piece: Set of 100 pcs (for total: 65 Euro excl. v.a.t., 95 US$ )
2) Little-Pack €0.60, $0.85 a piece: Set of 1,000 pcs (for total: 600 Euro excl. v.a.t., 850 US$ )
3) Medium-Pack €0.55, $0.80 a piece: Set of 5000 pcs (for total: 2750 Euro excl. v.a.t., 4000 US$ )
4) Large-Pack €0.50, $0.70 a piece: Set of 10,000 pcs (for total: 5000 Euro excl. v.a.t., 7000 US$ )

Attention: Please note that our original swisswarblers can be found and ordered only through this page by
Join our world wide customer selling novelties !

Please, write your v.a.t. nr. if you are in Europe but outside of Holland, for invoice with 0% v.a.t.

USA customers and all other don't have to pay V.A.T..

The price is excl. v.a.t. and excl. delivery costs and is subject to change at
Nisgav own consideration at any time without any notice.

Small pack by registered post worldwide is approx. 25 US$

Nisgav International Trading

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Please click the SUBMIT button ! we will reply to your mail and we will give you 3 methods to pay:

1) by bank transfer

2) by PayPal to ID:


While payment will be received we will send your order by registered post within few days.

You have to take care for your own import taxes, custom clearance, local rules of
import and selling the swiss warblers.

Nisgav will not be responsible for any damage / harm caused to the swiss warblers or by the swiss-warblers
to people from the moment that the swiss warblers were delivered to the post office or by any way of sending.

For questions please call: (+31)- 653-160118


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